If you’re a new computer owner, you might wonder what each component of your PC does. The motherboard is the heart of your PC and houses the CPU. It communicates with all of the other components and allocates power where it is needed. It’s also a crucial piece of computer hardware because it coordinates everything else.


The processor is an important part of the computer system. It is responsible for executing calculations and storing data. Computers have several processors, each of which can handle different tasks. A processor is also called the central processing unit or CPU. It is found inside PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. AMD and Intel are the main companies that produce processors.


Computers are made up of many different components, and knowing what each part does is critical to the functioning of your computer. From large gaming “rigs” to compact laptops, there is a computer component to fulfill your needs.

Hard drive:

Computer hardware is the components of a computer that store files, software, and documents. They can be accessed and used by multiple computers. A hard drive is important because it stores data for a long time and is used to back up computer files. Hard drives also store more data than RAM and are used to store data while the computer is not in use. The faster a hard drive is, the faster your computer will start and run applications. Another important computer component is the power supply unit, which converts power from a wall outlet and sends it through cables to the motherboard.

Graphics card:

A graphics card is a component that enables a computer to render graphics. The device connects to the motherboard via an internal interface. Earlier graphics cards used the AGP interface, but nowadays, they use the PCI Express 2.0 x16 interface, which is faster. A PCI Express slot is usually found on the motherboard.

Optical drive:

The optical drive is a component of your computer that can read and write to optical discs. These discs can hold data and are popular in computers, standalone appliances, and video game consoles. They also make it easier to install programs and utilize external data.


Computer hardware is composed of a variety of parts. The main part of a computer is the motherboard, the main printed circuit board. It contains the CPU, memory, and other components. It also serves as the computer’s communication hub and allocates power to the various components.